NIH ODS RMST (Reference Material Search Tool)

National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) came to us to design a tool to be
utilized by scientists for research purposes that’s publicly accessible, easy to use, and quickly updatable.

The difficulty for scientists conducting studies lies in finding the correct reference materials needed for their studies. Reference Materials are very complex. Scientists must search and compare multiple Reference Materials in order to determine the best materials to conduct their study and improve people’s health.

The amount of information needing to be cross-referenced and researched is massive. Also, updates to the site need to be made quickly and frequently by xyz. The user experience on the back end needed to be straightforward and simple.

Visit the site, play around, see how easy it is to compare Reference Materials side by side. Taking a very complex problem and creating a beautiful, user-friendly interface is what we delivered to NIH.


Their Challenge

Reference Materials aren’t easily researched and compared. It’s was a slow, laborious process that involved pulling up numerous multi-page PDF’s to compare the chemical constituents and composition of the Reference Material. When conducting studies accuracy is KEY. The process was extremely cumbersome and challenging. The National Institute of Health desired a tool that’s extremely accurate, user friendly, fast, AND wanted the capability to update the site daily.


Our Solution

Now, when researchers are comparing Reference Materials, the process is fast, accurate, and the site makes it very easy to compare materials side by side.

The website allows Scientists to quickly and easily search for multiple Reference Materials, view their compositions, and choose the best fit for their research.

Using the tool greatly reduces error as it creates a visual breakdown that’s extremely user friendly.


Project Results

  • Easily Updatable Site by ODS staff (no need to reach out to developers to update information)
  • Greatly Improved Accuracy in Scientific Studies
  • Significant Time Saver for Scientists
  • Interactive Site that’s Very User Friendly
  • Improved Accuracy in Studies = Better Health for Humans
  • Fast. Efficient. Accurate. Easily Updated.