Our process is different than most.
It’s straight-forward and effective.

Traditionally when an organization is looking for a solution they’ll reach out to numerous vendors and provide an RFP (Request for Proposal). Vendors create and send in proposals.

The “winning vendor” (Vendor W) is hired and dives in. They uncover information that changes the scope of work. The business hadn’t known to include this information during the initial RFP phase.

Vendor W must circle back to the organization and ask for more money, extensions, changes to the scope of work, etc. This puts Vendor W and the organization in a tug-of-war for financial resources, compromises to the original vision and timeline, and adds unnecessary stress to the relationship.

Prescribing does not come before diagnosing.

Our Process

Removing the guesswork from the beginning saves time and ensures a long-lasting, healthy working relationship.



Typically $20K to $100K

2 to 5 months

We interact heavily with your team in the initial portion of Phase 1 and determine best approaches.

Our team works intensely with your team to fully understand your problem and what you desire to accomplish. We know what questions to ask to design a solution that’s right for you.

We refine your problem and present you with several options and quotes for us to build them. You can use this information to find another implementer (no strings attached!) or have us implement the solution.

Your solution is delivered in portions that allow for iterative feedback, while status meetings keep you informed.

The same team used to diagnose and define continues with you into Phase 2, saving time and frustration. We hit the ground running. No need to get new people up to speed, repeating work, wasting time.

Functionality is delivered throughout the build, with continuous feedback and iterations that provide you with the best custom solution.



Typically $100K to $750K



Typically $5K to $25K per month

You have a reliable, readily available team working for you, supporting your continued success.

As new innovative ideas inevitably emerge, we’re here to refine and enhance for you.


Your custom solution is supported and enhanced (and can be hosted) by our team, who is intimately familiar with your needs.