Marriott International’s Vacations by Marriott Website Created by Netlink

Marriott International came to us to design and support a website used by travelers where they are able to customize their search based on a myriad of differing personal travel preferences, and search results would contain the latest deals on airfare, lodging, and transportation.

Vacations by Marriott is an online destination booking platform for Marriott’s resort properties.

When booking vacations, travelers search in differing ways, depending on personal preferences.

As a traveler, you might search for a favorite location, i.e. Caribbean. Perhaps you’re looking for a last-minute deal on airfare and lodging and a package together. Or, maybe you only stay at Ritz Carlton properties because of your brand loyalty.

Searching separately for lodging, airfare, and car rental is both time consuming for the traveler and very frustrating.

Being able to search on one platform that also is up to date with airfare, car rental, and special lodging packages, makes booking a dream vacation fun and easy!

The Vacations by Marriott platform is an incredibly comprehensive online site allowing customers to search for and book vacations with the most up-to-date information at Marriott locations worldwide.

Visit the site to book your vacation today!


Their Challenge

Marriott International wanted to offer a website for travelers to easily book vacation packages.

Gathering information for hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies, and then presenting appropriate packages for travelers based on their own personal preferences was slow and the opportunity for error was high.

With constant hotel and airfare changes, it was challenging for Marriott to efficiently provide updated content to travelers.

Before working with Netlink, information gathering and presentation was cumbersome and inefficient.

Marriott wanted their site to reflect the latest deals and allow travelers to customize search based on personal preferences, while also allowing internal staff to be able to easily update the site on the back end.


Our Solution

Netlink created a site that allows Marriott to quickly and easily make updates based on the latest promotions and vacation package offers.

Now, the Vacations by Marriott site is automatically updated daily based on the latest promotions and vacation package offers. It is also easy for Marriott to configure (move), promotions on the website in order to maximize visibility.

The control over ordering where destinations are displayed on the website helps Marriott to market more successfully based on trends and current hot spots.

In addition to refreshing the underlying content management system, Netlink built Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities into the platform to ensure that Marriott is leveraging the latest capabilities for driving guests to the site.

Customized search options are on the site for all types of travelers.

The solution scrapes content from Marriott and Expedia for images and the latest, sometimes last minute deals. This allows information to be presented to the traveler in a very user-friendly manner, making booking easy!

Marriott’s work with Netlink resulted in the ability to provide travelers with the most comprehensive online site for booking vacations, airfare discounts, and more from Marriott destinations around the world.


Project Results

  • Cut Content Management Data Entry Time by 60%
  • Provide Up-to-Date Vacation Information to Travelers
  • Customized Content for Each Traveler
  • Improves Search Capabilities Based on Location, Interest, Featured Brands, Promotions, or Deals

With efficiency top of mind and a focus on the most current content, Vacations by Marriott and Netlink were able to create an easy-to-use and dynamic search experience for Marriott customers around the world.