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With mobile devices reaching near ubiquity, as well as their ever-increasing power and features, it makes sense that travelers want more technology and control during their trips.

According to a new study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airline carriers should take advantage of this technology evolution by developing mobile apps that are more robust and useful.

While this study tends to focus on innovation specific to airline travel, all hospitality providers should take note and leverage the right mobile apps for allowing guests to do everything from accessing their own video content to making restaurant reservations to booking rooms and beyond.

The central theme is that the traveler has control over his or her own travel experience.

One way for hoteliers to be one-step-ahead of this shift is to leverage guest recommendation applications that put a hotel’s local curated knowledge right at guests’ fingertips. This means offering completely customized recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, concerts and other events. These solutions also help to minimize the friction that often comes with traveling.

In addition, these types of mobile apps allow hoteliers to compile relevant guest data about on- and off-property preferences. Ultimately, this data will evolve to where it is possible to predict the travelers wants and needs before they arrive – providing even more control.

When it comes to hoteliers, these types of mobile solutions provide a means to enhance guest loyalty in ways never imagined. One simple and fully customized recommendation can create a travel experience that a guest will remember forever, and share with their friends and family.

In the end, both the guests and the hoteliers can gain a better sense of control, and a new found connection that will generate long-term loyalty.