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When it comes to hotel guest personalization, some brands rise above the rest. These hoteliers tend to be boutiques located in prime areas that offer a number of different restaurants, events, concerts and other attractions.

These hoteliers are also more nimble in their ability to embrace new innovations and processes, as well as provide staff training that supports true guest personalization.

The Graham Georgetown is one of these brands.

According to this recent Hotel News Now article, the hotel offers 57 rooms and is located in the heart of the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Here are some of the key takeaways in terms of how the brand is a personalization leader:

  • The ‘GPS’ Experience: The hotel staff is trained on the idea of the ‘Graham Personalized Service (GPS),’ which is all about pre-arrival communications and anticipating the guests needs before they arrive.
  • Elevating Personalization: The staff also takes note of guest preferences when there are on the property, which allows them to best cater to these travelers the next time they visit.
  • Expanded Food and Beverage: From a rooftop bar to themed-nights to dynamic live entertainment, The Graham Georgetown continually seeks to offer diverse entertaining food and beverage experiences.

Although it is challenging for larger brands to offer this level of personalization, hoteliers should take a page from The Graham Georgetown, and implement some of these strategies. In addition, by focusing on- and off-property experiences, and anticipating guest needs before they arrive, it is possible to develop long-term loyalty from a wide-range of guests.

Clearly, The Graham Georgetown understands this.