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When it comes to new innovation implementations, many hoteliers struggle with making investments that please the guest and yet provide tangible return-on-investment.

There is the perception that the hotel sector is behind when it comes to embracing new innovations. Some experts believe that many brands would rather wait on the sidelines and see a competitor succeed or fail at an implementation – then base their own strategy on these outcomes.

The truth may be that there are more grey areas happening when it comes to this perception. While brands are hearing that they are behind the curve, there are other hoteliers rushing to implement new innovations as a result of a potential hotel technology bubble.

In some ways, hotel brands are investing in technologies that enhance how the guest interacts with the brand. This “please the guest” approach often runs counter to focusing only on innovation ROI. For example, if a new innovation helps build brand loyalty, but does not offer an immediate financial return, is it a viable investment?

This is a challenge that many brands face these days.

It could be possible for brands to embrace both of these concepts: pleasing the guest while also justifying the investment to the C-suite. By leveraging the right outside expertise, and building out testable pilot programs, hotel brands can have both.

Are hoteliers making a mad gold rush-like push to embrace innovation, or are they behind the curve? There are two sides to this story, but with the right approaches, it is possible to please the guest and have real business outcomes.