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The age-old expression “the devil is in the details” speaks to the sheer fact that if details are overlooked, bad things often happen.

In the business world, the details can be the deciding factor between success or failure.  You may recall that many banks during the peak of the housing boom fast-tracked mortgages and ignored many vital details during the lending process that hurt both the lenders and the prospective homeowners.

NetLink recently sponsored a BWI Business Partnership event where David Marriott, COO of Marriott International’s Americas Eastern Region, spoke and cited “attention to detail” as one of three reasons why his organization has been so successful over the last 70+ years.  It’s probably no coincidence that we have been fortunate to count Marriott among our clients for more than 10 years, because we embrace this same perspective.

When it comes to successful IT implementations, it’s not the devil that’s in the details, but that the details hold the key to bringing custom web applications to life that meet and exceed expectations.

We actually have a methodology for managing our client engagements called The NetLink Adaptive Process that mitigates many common risks of IT projects.   The core tenet of this process is focusing on every key detail throughout the implementation.  This, combined with taking an “iterative” approach whereby we follow a concise step-by-step process for projects, ensures that superior solutions are delivered to clients within schedule and budget commitments.

Conversely, as many clients have complex requirements and needs, turnkey web options – which we dare say are not often “detail focused” – may only partially address these needs.  Customized solutions typically are required to meet complex goals.  This is where the implementation details mean everything for ensuring that a complex web application aligns with the client’s business goals.

So, if it is true that the “devil is in the details,” then that is a devil that organizations should embrace wholeheartedly.  We have been using this same detail-oriented approach since 1996 to truly deliver the promise of web solutions.

Posted by: Steve Short, President, NetLink Resource Group