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In today’s information-crowded Internet, a smart strategy for increasing guest bookings is for hotels to offer more simplified websites.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel group recently captured the attention of Skift Magazine with the re-launch of its website, which was noted as “style over substance.” The publication felt the new website forgoes experiential travel content and does not offer an exciting brand experience.

However, there may be a good reason for this. The more simplified approach could be aimed at enhancing direct booking. The reality is that most guests research 6-8 hotels before the finally book, and the path of least resistance may ultimately be the winner.

Of course, there is always the challenge of who owns and manages the booking engine on the backend, and keeping these processes more simplified and streamlined. But the guest-facing booking experience is the vital last mile in gaining more conversions.

Perhaps the Ritz-Carlton hotel group understands how the average guest is bombarded all the time with information, offers and other content. As a result, many people experience “cognitive overload” from today’s digital world.

The best way to reduce information overload is to make it easier for the guest. The Ritz-Carlton is paving a new road for enhancing the guest experience? As they say, less is more.