Technology exists as a means to an end and the ultimate goal of any project that utilizes it is to solve business problems. So then, why do web technology projects sometimes disappoint the business people sponsoring them? More often than not, the problem occurs when business goals are not clearly defined and communicated to the team responsible for the technical development.

A crucial step to ensure that business goals are aligned with the appropriate technology is to clearly identify the need. Defining the goals and requirements at the onset of a project may seem obvious, but this is the stage at which projects usually go awry. Why? Clients often try to formulate solutions rather than define their requirements for the project. This is where most problems occur with custom web application development‚ when clients mistakenly identify solutions before they define the business need and the project manager lacks the understanding to differentiate between the two.

We have vast experience with managing web technology projects and providing business consulting to prevent this situation from occurring. We assist our clients by challenging them to clearly define their requirements before they formulate a solution. This requires detailed discussions that focus heavily on business strategy to ensure that the web-based system solution we propose truly adds value. We believe it is essential to approach this consulting task from the perspective of an experienced business executive as well as that of a technology expert.