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Press Releases

Netlink Resource Group Helps National Institutes of Health Streamline Payment Processes

In an era of when meeting government mission goals requires new IT approaches, Netlink Resource Group (Netlink) recently developed a new web-based application that streamlines the process for compensation research volunteers and minimizes payment error for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As a result the agency moved away from cumbersome, manual-based payment processes and is now able to pay research volunteers in 3-5 days, whereas it previously took 7-10 days for dispersing...

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Marriott International Launches New “Vacations By Marriott” Website with Support from Netlink Resource Group

To provide travelers with the most comprehensive online site for booking vacations, Marriott International and NetLink Resource Group has introduced the all-new "Vacations By Marriott” website, which offers vacation packages, travel deals, airfare discounts and more for Marriott destinations around the world. NetLink provided the storefront for “Vacations By Marriott,” and implemented the underlying content management system (CMS) that allows Marriott to quickly and easily make updates based...

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Tidewater Auctions Launched New Corporate Website With Support from NetLink Resource Group

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Tidewater Auctions, the leading real estate auction firm for the Mid-Atlantic region, just launched a new corporate website that enhances business processes and supports revenue growth by hosting increased volumes of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties auctions. Designed and developed by NetLink Resource Group, the fully customized website allows Tidewater Auctions to access its database of commercial and residential properties and showcase them on the site....

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