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As we previously highlighted, today’s Millennial Guest is digitally focused, highly connected and has very high expectations when it comes to innovation.

Catering to this type of traveler takes a unique approach. That’s why we will be highlighting new strategies from booking to check-out that will help hoteliers maximize opportunities with this discerning demographic.

In this post we discuss the importance of pre-stay consideration.

The typical hotel loyalty program does little to tailor offers that increase bookings with Millennials, or for the traditional traveler for that matter. By capturing data from pre-stay interactions and combining it with past travel, a hotelier can develop a Unified Guest View that leads to increases of close to 50 percent in bookings form direct digital marketing campaigns.

In addition, these types of highly personalized campaigns resonate very well with Millennials, who seek customized interactions with brands. More than 45 percent of all travel plans begin on a mobile device and end on a desktop. As such, Millennials will respond more favorably – and be influenced to book – when they have a digital experience that feels like dealing with a virtual travel agent, as opposed to a business-centric application.

Once a Millennial books his or her travel, a digitally aware hotel brand then has an opportunity to increase revenue along with the guest satisfaction.

By utilizing data in the Unified Guest View, a brand can offer ground transportation, suggest places to eat, play and shop, and allow the guest to order room service. Providing a comprehensive menu of customized opportunities allows hotels to increase add-on revenue and ensure that guests aren’t using an app outside of the brand.

Much like how e-commerce sites are pressured to minimize shopping cart abandonment issues, hotels are faced with the same challenge when Millennials are booking their travel. The key is to leverage the right data, create customized offerings and be fully engaged with the Millennial demographic of traveler at all times.