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In an effort to understand what’s driving purchasing behavior among experienced, upscale travelers, The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) recently implemented an ambitious research effort called “The Curious Traveler” trend study.

The study found that this special segment of traveler relies on his or her own devices, and relishes the process to explore a destination in a spontaneous way.

According to the survey, “Curious Travelers are taking almost eight leisure trips a year, and while American travelers take the least amount of vacation time compared to other markets in this study, they are the most likely to visit new destinations when they travel overseas…. The Curious Traveler has a strong sense of self. They trust their judgment as much, if not more, than the opinions of others.”

Skift Magazine recently interviewed Shannon Knapp, CMO of LHW, about this study, which also found that:

  • 79 percent of Curious Travelers feel that travel is an essential part of life
  • 30 percent of Curious Travelers intend to take more trips in 2016 versus 12 percent who plan to take fewer
  • 78 percent express interest in exploring a destination’s hidden gems
  • 54 percent look for unique and different travel adventures
  • Only 32 percent seek the “hottest/trendiest” spots
  • The Curious Traveler will spend 7 percent more on hotel accommodations per night this year than they did in 2015 ($419 per night/$390 per night)

This research came about after Knapp led a full brand update for LWH, which aimed to “break through” with this audience of travelers. The new study has allowed LWH to delve deeper into the specific motivations and travel behaviors to best serve these guests.

According to Knapp, the “Curious Travelers” are the real trendsetters and they prefer to follow their own path and thrive in cultural immersion. By ignoring the common tourist destinations, and “living like a local,” this audience is challenging hotel brands to deliver authentic travel experiences.

Offering this level of personalization can be overwhelming. By truly aiming for “the authentic,” LWH will be able to blaze a long trail of true brand loyalty with a special group of travelers.