Marriott International is a Fortune 500 global lodging company that has more than 3,200 properties located in the United States and 66 other countries and territories.   In 2005, the company required a complete update of its online gift card site, and needed extensive external resources to provide a custom-built web architecture that could be integrated internationally, and most importantly, increase revenue.


Marriott International partnered with NetLink Resource Group to implement and manage the massive web reconstruction.   At the time of the engagement, the client managed the existing gift card site internally but lacked the resources to make it more powerful and robust.  The holiday gift-giving season of 2005 was six months away, and the company needed the new gift card site up and fully functional quickly.

In a span of six months, NetLink provided a completely re-built, custom architecture – using such tools as .NET and SQL Server databases – creating a dynamic, fully e-commerce-enabled site that offers the ability to purchase multiple cards sent to multiple addresses, which is integrated into Marriott’s proprietary credit card system, as well as with its third party gift card providers.  The site, also hosted by NetLink, uses the most cutting-edge analytics for tracking all gift card sales, and the effectiveness of various promotional offers in real time – all viewed by product and market.

Using dynamic web technologies such as AJAX, NetLink extended the custom architecture of the gift card site into four other Marriott web offerings, including the UK version of their gift card/gift voucher site, the internal site used by US- and UK-based reservation specialists throughout the world, the Marriott wedding registry site, and its promotional site.


Since going live in November 2005, customers have purchased more than 150,000 items from the gift card sites, resulting in more than $35 million revenue for the client. NetLink continues to host and provide innovative solutions for all of the applications that make up the Marriott online gift card offering, which generates significant revenue for the hospitality leader’s global business.