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In an era of when meeting government mission goals requires new IT approaches, Netlink Resource Group (Netlink) recently developed a new web-based application that streamlines the process for compensation research volunteers and minimizes payment error for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

As a result the agency moved away from cumbersome, manual-based payment processes and is now able to pay research volunteers in 3-5 days, whereas it previously took 7-10 days for dispersing compensation. In addition this new system allows NIH to be more effective in managing payment processes while also enhancing efficiencies and improving overall performance of agency financial staff.

The new Research Volunteer Payment System (RVPS) application is a completely customized, web-based payment solution that integrates with the NIH Business System (NBS). It also allows volunteers to seamlessly manage their own banking and address information.

Working with very aggressive deadlines for implementation, Netlink was able to create the new RVPS by leveraging existing systems that the company developed and currently supports for the NIH Office of Financial Management (OFM), such as the SREA Payment and Reporting System.

“In order to meet tight timelines for NIH, we took advantage of our existing solutions to create a new system that bridges a gap between three existing systems: a volunteer management system, the NBS, and the U.S. Treasury’s disbursing system,” said Christopher J. Hinkle, Senior Web Architect at Netlink. “Not only did the implementation of RVPS alleviate the need for manually keying in payment information for each volunteer, it also brought the existing processes into compliance with new government-mandated financial controls.”

Using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework the Netlink team built the complete and highly secure system within 5 months and integrated it with the NIH Secure Payee Registration System (SPRS) developed by Netlink in 2009. SPRS allows people receiving payments from NIH to register their information in one dashboard to receive electronic funds transfers or check payments.

The NBS is the central electronic business system of the NIH including the general ledger, finance, budget, procurement, supply, travel, and property management systems. NBS is aimed at improving data consolidation and financial reporting capabilities.

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