Global Gift Card E-Commerce Application NetLink Resource Group was initially approached by Marriott International to fully re-design its gift card site for the U.S. market, to improve on the original site’s lackluster functionality and, most importantly, increase revenue.  NetLink provided a completely re-built, custom architecture, creating a dynamic, fully e-commerce-enabled site that offers the ability to purchase multiple cards sent [read more]

Comprehensive Internal, Web-Based Workflow Automation Tool NetLink Resource Group developed a highly comprehensive, web-based internal workflow automation tool for gathering and managing individual client hotel offers to be showcased at Marriott International’s main website.  Marriott required a system that was fail-safe in allowing the request and approval of promotional offers that were hotel-specific – a process that was previously managed through [read more]

Development of Secure Registration and Payment Solution NetLink developed a secure registration solution for a federal agency, which is an easy-to-use web application allowing agency peer reviewers to register their banking, address, and other required information in order to receive payments from the agency.  Prior to developing this system, the agency relied on an open-to-the-public system for up-to-date payment information for its [read more]

Comprehensive Online Association Member Community NetLink Resource Group developed a comprehensive online community for members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC).  The trade association was interested in providing value-added services for its members (i.e. elevator contractors, consultants, and suppliers) that allowed them to connect, network and share best practices. NetLink developed the membership portal to integrate with content available [read more]

Website with a Powerful Content Management System (CMS) An office of a major federal agency required a multi-faceted public website for informing the public on dietary supplements, and needed the ability to update content in real-time.  The agency turned to NetLink Resource Group to develop a custom content management system for meeting this objective.  It also tapped into NetLink’s expertise for its fact [read more]

Concierge Web Application for Hotel Guests NetLink Resource Group created a custom web application for Marriott International to provide hotel guests with the ability to select amenities – for example, reserving a pack ‘n play for children or booking a golf outing – before their arrival at any client hotel in the world.  The application allows for customers to book both [read more]

Complex Financial Management Application NetLink Resource Group was asked to complete a complex financial management application for a federal agency, since the client-server-based project had stalled under the guidance of previous development teams.  The system administers critical and highly detailed royalty processes, including royalty income calculations, inventor contact information, royalty distribution percentages and amounts, as well as other royalty process [read more]

E-Commerce Engine and E-Ticket Website NetLink Resource Group developed an e-commerce engine and e-ticket website for Gospel e-Tickets, which is a leading online ticket distribution engine for positive, family-friendly concerts, theatrical, performances, festivals, conferences (faith-based and business) and sporting events.  NetLink developed the portal to allow customers to purchase bar-coded e-tickets that can be printed out and redeemed at specific [read more]

Online Benefits Enrollment and Maintenance Website NetLink Resource Group developed an online benefits enrollment and maintenance website for iPower (now called Employee Navigator) where customers can manage all of their HR needs in one location, eliminating the typically cumbersome amount of paperwork, through iPower’s direct interaction with benefits carriers.  The application uses a custom interface that converts user-entered data into a [read more]

Web-Based Payment System for Conference Reviewers NetLink Resource Group developed a web-based payment and reporting system for a federal agency needing to track independent contractor compensation when they review conferences sponsored by recipients of agency grants.  The application intuitively allows for the importing of formatted files from an external system for creating conference records.  The application also tracks and reports on [read more]

Development of Centralized Tool for Managing Travel Wholesalers NetLink developed a centralized tool for Marriott International to manage outside wholesalers (i.e. large travel agencies that sell wholesale packages to corporations and smaller travel agencies) that need to request membership to the program and access preferred pricing for all of Marriott’s worldwide hotel properties.  The tool automates membership requests and allows for the centralized [read more]