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In the enterprise IT arena, microservice architecture development, also known as microservices, has grown in popularity. This IT approach allows for the structuring of an application as a collection of loosely coupled services, which supports overall business capabilities.

Microservices enable the continuous delivery of large and complex applications, while also helping an organization to evolve its technology stack. In other words, this is a very small component of software that focuses on doing one thing really well – rather than writing one massive, and cumbersome application.

In the hotel technology arena, this concept is certainly something that all hotel brands should strongly consider.

With the ever-growing amount of applications and new innovations – from online concierge services to booking engines to property management systems – this approach allows any enterprise to better build a comprehensive solution.

Microservices also allow hospitality providers to leverage the right APIs for an “as a service” solution, which is much more cost-effective, and easier than building out and managing their own complex systems.

From a guest services perspective, there are new mobile applications that offer personalized recommendations for local attractions, events and restaurants. These types of apps are also evolving to the point where all hotel IT staff needs is the API, which quickly provides a guest-facing solution for true competitive differentiation.

By breaking down single “monolithic” APIs into many smaller API services, we are seeing a major IT shift happen right before our eyes. Instead of hospitality providers developing a single API, single technology stack, and single database which require overhauling for updates, security, or scalability, IT development teams can now decouple services for faster and more effective deployments.

This new future of IT development will ultimately open up a whole new world of solutions that support revenue generation for hotel brands.