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Imagine ordering room service via your smartphone from any location and having it ready when you walk in your hotel room.  This is now a reality and hotel guests are embracing hospitality mobile apps now more than ever.

According to the recent ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index, travelers showed higher satisfaction in using mobile apps than accessing information through a mobile website.

Currently the most popular app requests are for ordering room service, wake up calls and having the room serviced. However, the app space is becoming more sophisticated every day.

First and foremost, many hoteliers have learned that the user must have something in exchange for downloading their app. In the past, a mobile app could hardly offer much convenience to guests. But that is changing. Hoteliers are branching out into mobile apps for ordering food from local restaurants, as well as for communicating with the shuttle bus service and hotel staff.

As this Hospitality Technology article highlights, smartphones will eventually provide a complete picture of the guest’s behavior – from emotional state and beyond.  This type of business intelligence will allow hoteliers to create the most customer-centric solutions that will please the guest based on their current mindset.

In addition, new mobile apps are allowing guests to experience a new location in completely innovative ways.   For example, the MGM Mirage’s app allows users hold up their phone, and they will immediately see interactive information displays about area resorts, casinos and points of interest.  In addition, with one touch, they can book shows and restaurant reservations.

We believe that mobile apps provide a new frontier for hoteliers to better please the guest, which extend beyond just providing the basic services.  By combining the right analytics with cutting-edge-innovations, it is possible to fully know the guest and provide the services that will create lasting brand loyalty.