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Young travelers, who are fully steeped in social media, represent the next generation of travelers. They are extremely tech-savy, desire customized and adventurous trips, and rely on social interaction for recommendations.

This is the key finding from a recent white paper by Amadeus called, “Trending with NextGen Travelers,” which highlights important technology trends for catering to this unique group of travelers.

“Our NextGen research illuminates the unique characteristics of this up-and-coming group and showcases the need and opportunity for the travel industry to adapt. Technologies that enable customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through mobile devices will certainly be key,” stated the study.

The main theme from the study reveals that younger travelers are informed and empowered.  As such, they demand personalized experiences, which can be booked through social and mobile channels, and they are looking to ‘bond’ more with brands.

These travelers are seeking unique travel opportunities that go beyond the status quo, which they share with others through social media channels.

For hospitality providers, this study reinforces a new paradigm shift that is happening with next-generation travelers.  It presents an exceptional opportunity to leverage innovation in ways that develops customized content and offers for younger travelers, which ultimately translates into deep brand loyalty.

For many years, hospitality providers have struggled with ways to build brand loyalty.   And with guests making their booking decisions on price alone, it is difficult to establish the connection required to build loyalty that can translate into recurring revenue.

This new study shows that the next-generation of travelers have different expectations and the door is wide open for opportunities to build brand loyalty through innovation.  It is no longer necessary for hoteliers to view guests and customers as being merely ‘transactions.’

As these travelers begin to age and enter middle age, we will ultimately see the entire landscape of the hospitality sector change.  Innovation will ultimately be the core foundation for the entire travel industry, which is indeed exciting.