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To provide travelers with the most comprehensive online site for booking vacations, Marriott International and NetLink Resource Group has introduced the all-new “Vacations By Marriott” website, which offers vacation packages, travel deals, airfare discounts and more for Marriott destinations around the world.

NetLink provided the storefront for “Vacations By Marriott,” and implemented the underlying content management system (CMS) that allows Marriott to quickly and easily make updates based on the latest promotions and vacation package offers. In addition, NetLink built in search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities at the outset of the project, ensuring that Marriott is leveraging the latest capabilities for driving guests to the site.

“It was important that we developed an online product that was fully SEO-enhanced and offered a CMS system that allowed us to be extremely flexible and nimble,” said Todd Castor, Senior Director, Vacation Package Product Strategy & Sales, Marriott International. “NetLink took a highly iterative approach to building the site, which we found to be very effective in bringing dozens of worldwide leisure destinations to life. We look forward to continued site enhancements to provide complete support of Marriott’s growing global presence.”

As a platform that provides a unique alternative to online travel agencies, “Vacations By Marriott” enables a guest to easily book any kind of vacation package that includes hotels and resorts, rental cars, flights, tours, tickets and activities. The website also offers theme-oriented vacation package recommendations and ideas, whether the guest is planning a romantic getaway or a family beach vacation.

“We are very excited to help Marriott enhance a web presence that was built to grow revenue from guests looking to book complete, end-to-end vacations,” said Steve Short, President, NetLink Resource Group. “This project is a great example of the agile thinking and execution that occurs when marketing, sales and technology come to the table and align Marriott’s business goals with the marketplace.”

NetLink built the fully customized CMS using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework and SQL Server, which allows Marriott to create their own landing pages and make real-time updates to content as needed.

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