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Thanks to new developments in innovation, hotel guests can now enjoy a completely frictionless environment where technology is the driving force for having a positive guest experience.

For many years, luxury hoteliers were ahead of the curve when it came to innovation, but this has all changed – thanks to the luxury hospitality providers themselves.

Mid-tier hoteliers are now taking a page from this unique market segment. According to Hospitality Lodging magazine, next-generation consumer technologies, once only part of the luxury world, are now being adopted by smaller and mid-sized hotels.

For example, faster and easier online booking has become the norm. Hotel websites are now being re-designed to allow for booking a room with just two or three clicks of a mouse – along with the ability to book rooms and services through mobile devices.

In addition, hotel lobbies are changing across the board. During 2013, more hotels will adopt touch screen systems, including tablet computers, which allow guests to browse through dinner menus, and local attractions and entertainment.  It will be an entirely new experience to simply “hang-out” in the lobby.

In many ways, 2013 will be the year that key innovations will spread across the entire hospitality sector.   With the core premise of using technology to enhance the guest experience, hoteliers will be able to better differentiate themselves.  Though, we always recommend keeping an eye on the luxury players for insights into the future of hotel technology.