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One of the core differentiators of NetLink Resource Group is that we only focus on developing solutions that support overall business goals and provide tangible return-on-investment for our clients.  In the business world, this makes complete sense.  Corporations often have less IT resources these days and therefore require solutions that enhance the bottom line.

For the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense (DoD), a similar dynamic is playing out as we speak – with budgets being tightened and an ongoing need to provide the highest level of security for our nation.  Clearly this is no easy task and I have highlighted a number of stories that showcase steps that the IC and DoD are taking to ensure the most effective returns on their IT investments.

  • Army Sets Tone for Government’s Mobile Enterprise with Android: The Defense Department is now leading the way in the federal government’s campaign to deploy mobile devices. Although there are security challenges that come with using mobile applications, the DoD is making tremendous strides in ensuring that the warfighter is always up-to-date with key intelligence – while also ensuring cost savings.  Check out more from Defense Systems here.


  • For Government, Cost-Cutting is Mobile’s Real Killer App: Paul McCloskey, editor-in-chief of Government Computer News, offers this insightful commentary on how mobile apps will provide tremendous cost savings for the government.  He also highlights how the “trillion dollars” in potential budget cuts has created the push for the use of mobile by the DoD.


  • DoD to Build Enhanced Cloud Capabilities: This Defense Systems story showcases how virtually all defense organizations and intelligence agencies are turning toward cloud computing for everything from satellite imagery to telecom traffic to Web content. The core focus is building private cloud systems that can cost effectively store and efficiently distribute multiple petabytes of data to endpoints worldwide.


  • The Defense Information Systems Agency Announces Streamlined Plan for 2012: According to Federal Computer Week, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is taking on the Defense Department’s fragmented IT services by making enterprise services its number one priority for 2012.

As the reality of budget cuts come to life for the IC and DoD, we will surely be seeing more stories about the use of key technology innovations to keep costs down, while maintaining the highest level of security.   The government is clearly entering an era of “doing more with less.”

And, as we always say, all IT investments need to provide real business value.  It seems that this mindset clearly holds true for the government as well.



Posted by: Diann Turner, Director, Business Development, NetLink Resource Group