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As we highlighted in our previous posts, capturing the attention of millennial travelers is a highly nuanced challenge for hoteliers. So, then what happens once a hotel succeeds in booking this type of guest? What is next?

The reality is that booking is only the beginning of the digital experience for the Millennial. And since digital devices serve as a comprehensive resource guide to help them maximize their stays, hoteliers need to develop the right strategies for keeping Millennials’ attention focused.

As such, we see the need to create a publishing and resource platform that acts as a digital brand ambassador to augment the hotel’s concierge to capture additional behavior metrics. The more the guest uses the app, the more the hotelier can understand their preferences through analytics, which will greatly improve the conversion rates of in-stay and future targeted offers.

Designed to keep the guest interacting with the brand during the stay on or off property, an app of this nature uses algorithms to answer guest inquiries. This ultimately leads to increased guest loyalty and additional revenue opportunities by providing room service, access to support staff, ground transportation, directions, events at the hotel, offers from attraction partners, as well as electronic check-out.

Hotel technology is moving at a highly rapid pace. Most hospitality IT staff are continually challenged to develop and leverage the latest innovation, which should always tie back to the right metrics and enhance revenue. By creating the right mobile experience for the Millennial guest, through the entire stay cycle, it will be possible to develop a deep level of brand loyalty with the next-generation traveler.