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An investment into new innovations by any hospitality provider needs to simply enhance the guests’ experiences and generate add-on revenue.  We recently highlighted how many niche hoteliers are replacing front desk staff with mobile and communications solutions and how this may not be the right solution for all hospitality providers.

While this approach is not right for every hotelier, Hyatt Hotels recently implemented some new innovations that are simple, highly effective and could benefit every hospitality provider: deploying wireless iMac guest computers in their lobbies and in certain guest suites.

As a way to enhance guest’ experiences, these new iMacs will provide complimentary access to surf the web, print documents, check email and work on Microsoft Office documents. Guests can even quickly print their boarding passes for free at any of the iMacs.

As applications and data move into the cloud and off the computer, the need to carry a laptop is greatly reduced.  As such, there are some applications that, while easy to review on a tablet, are better managed on a desktop computer. This is where Hyatt is looking toward the future.

Hyatt has always been a forerunner in using information technology to improve the guest experience.  And, in today’s competitive landscape, hospitality providers need to continue looking for ways that integrate technology into the guest experience in ways that enhance their brand experience.

The addition of iMacs will also help Hyatt to attract and retain elite guests from many different sectors – especially those who can afford the suites with the in-room computers.  This effort is part of a new trend where hoteliers are offering unique perks to elite guests, such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts providing a personal travel assistant to those who stay more than 100 nights.

By implementing a simple, yet highly effective technology solution, Hyatt is differentiating its brand and taking steps to attract and retain both elite and everyday travelers.  Clearly, other hospitality providers are bound to follow suit.