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According to Hotel News Now, Generation Z is the post-Millennial cohort that is emerging as the new group transforming the hospitality sector.

Driven by experiences over purchasing material items, Generation Z have more pending power, a fear of missing out, advanced social media use and a desire to be more multicultural.

Of course, this new generation will also want an “authentic guest experience,” which has been a popular term in the hotel sector for a while now. As we have highlighted before, offering this type of experience can be challenging – especially in a world where the concept of “authentic” changes very quickly.

When looking at the traits and desires of Generation Z, it seems that they are not too different than Millennials. Millennials have always adopted new and disruptive innovations long before the traditional traveler, and have the same motivations as Generation Z.

In many ways, it is optimal to view this shift as the future of travel – no matter the generational title of the traveler. Of course, we should not forget about the spending power and the desires of baby boomers and Generation X.

While this group may not prefer “communal” experiences, they still want to be treated in ways that meet their needs. For example, Baby Boomers may not prefer mobile check-in and want to interact with a real human concierge.

The future of the hotel arena will continue to evolve rapidly. Though one thing will remain constant, which is the need to please guests throughout the entire stay cycle. No matter the guest’s age, hospitality providers will need to continue new efforts to provide personalized experiences. Of course, this is no small task.