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We are excited to announce that Fort Meade Alliance’s Meade Business Connect (MBC) has selected NetLink Resource Group to be a part of its MBC Mentorship Program, which will help us expand business opportunities in the unique Fort Meade government-contracting environment.

The 12-session mentorship program with experienced executives will broaden our footprint in the defense contracting sector in the region. We will also present our capabilities to experienced contractors, as well as enjoy the benefit of networking opportunities and events, business forums and capability matching sessions.

Thirteen other companies were chosen to participate, which include: Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc., AttivaSoft, LLC, Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc., Columbia Technology Partners, Inc., Computer Essentials Quick, Inc., Delta Resources, Inc., Envision Innovative Solutions, Inc., ITIC Corporation, Jovian Concepts, Inc., Miller, Moll and Associates, PathSensors, Inc., System & Software Designers, Inc., and The Nasir Group, Inc.

It goes without saying that we are very excited about this opportunity. The Fort Meade Alliance is a catalyst for business opportunities in the region and this further expands NetLink as a key provider of IT solutions to the defense sector.

We would like to thank the Fort Meade Business Alliance for choosing us!

Posted by: Diann Turner, Director, Business Development, NetLink Resource Group