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According to a recent HotelNewsNow study, many major hotel brands will contend with a potential performance dip as supply surpasses demand in 2017.

In an era where price pressures occur, hoteliers need to consider new ways to differentiate themselves through innovation. This goes beyond the use of robotic butlers, and other more PR-savvy technologies, to implementing solutions that truly enhance the guest experience.

In fact, according to a recent study by Zebra Technologies, guests actually want innovations that will make them “want to come back.” What are these technologies? These guests are most interested in smartphone check-ins and digitally enabled loyalty programs. This study also found that guests are willing to divulge some personal information in exchange for tailored promotional offers.

One innovation that can provide enhanced differentiation are the new guest recommendation applications, which put a hotel’s local curated knowledge right at guests’ fingertips. On a localized level, hotel brands can completely customize recommendations for nearby restaurants, attractions, concerts and other events.

Since increasingly guests are willing to share personal information, these types of mobile apps allow hoteliers to compile relevant guest data about on- and off-property preferences. Ultimately, this data will evolve to where it is possible to predict the travelers wants and needs before they arrive – providing even more control.

While ups and downs occur in the hotel arena, it is always vital to continually seek new ways for pleasing the guest. While oversupply may be an issue in 2017, there will likely not be a slowdown on the amount of travel. Of course, there will be more competition, but the marketplace is still very viable.

This points to the need to implement the right innovations that enhance the guest experience and build long-term loyalty. Many people are still traveling in 2017 … major brands just need to find ways to keep them coming back for more.