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While being able to choose your seats online is a common practice for booking flights, the hotel industry is now also moving in this direction by allowing guests to choose their own rooms online via Google Maps.

However, unlike airlines, hoteliers are offering highly detailed information about the rooms and surroundings through the Google Maps API. For example, Hilton Worldwide just announced that its offering will help guests to visualize where available hotel rooms are located in relation to city streets, public transportation, parks, bodies of water and other markers.

Of course, this could potentially be a game-changing way that guests interact with major brands. At first, though, it may only appeal to tech-forward guests who appreciate this level of interaction. For the average guest, it could create an additional layer of work when booking.

In addition, this could be an ideal solution for resorts, where guests like to visualize their vacation destinations in advance. On the other hand, business travelers may be completely indifferent to this type of booking offering – especially since not much time is actually spent in their rooms.

Hotels also run the risk of the “what you see is not always what you get” phenomenon. As many have experienced, the photos of a Caribbean resort often look much different in pictures than they do in real life.

As with many new innovations, this new booking capability will work well with techies, and people booking their vacations. In due time, this will most likely become a common booking practice for everyone. And, for now … Hilton is leading the way by being the first one out of the gate.