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The InterContinental Miami recently unveiled a stunning $30 million renovation with additional PR strength behind it:  tennis superstar Venus Williams designed two new 3,300 square-feet, two-level presidential suites.

It goes without saying that design considerations are highly important when a property goes through a major renovation – especially for marquee properties in cities like Miami, New York City, San Francisco and others.  In these types of cities, having the most innovative designs can attract many of the business and entertainment elite, who are attracted to high-end accommodations and can afford to stay in the presidential suite.

When hoteliers make significant investment in re-designs, new IT innovations should also be considered.  The main strategy behind a re-design is often to enhance the overall guest experience, which in today’s competitive hospitality market is of great importance, and technology is a major factor in achieving this goal.

For example, new efforts behind Predictive Guest Marketing (PGM) can help aid in providing a completely frictionless guest experience for these upgraded properties.

In addition, new forms of SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile), otherwise known as location-based services, caters to the next-generation of mobile shopper and represents the intersection of behavior, technology and culture – all important to higher-end guests who would frequent the InterContinental Miami.

Of course, there are other ways of embracing consumer innovations to enhance the guest experience, though offering iPads or iMacs in each room, as well as next-generation concierge services.

The right innovations, although often a significant investment with tangible return-on-investment goals, will significantly aid overall revenue growth and help make a newly upgraded property be truly marquee.