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In an era where many hospitality industry news articles point to guest loyalty and innovation, The Carlyle was recently highlighted in the media for its very high-touch and human-driven guest services.

A recent Skift article discussed how the high-end property uses a hotel ambassador who keeps in touch with loyal guests via his cell phone to provide customized services to meet their needs.

These include embroidered pillows, stationery, and robes, as well as remodeling a suite based on the guests’ preferences.  The ambassador also calls ahead to other properties to ensure that his regulars are treated well in other locations.

Of course, The Carlyle is able to offer these types of services due to the high price point of their rooms and suites. Though, this begs the question: “Can mid-tier hoteliers mirror this model of guest services”?

The answer is “yes,” but it comes with a big caveat, which is that mobile innovation also has to play a major role when hoteliers cannot afford to employ guest ambassadors.

By mixing both high-touch services with innovation, hoteliers can meet the needs of travelers who are becoming more used to today’s self-service economy. And when they offer recommendations and other services through mobile devices, it is possible to bring value to guests in a more increasingly comfortable format.

In addition, having conversations with live concierges is a great thing, but he or she cannot be with the guest at all times, especially when they leave the property to visit restaurants and other attractions.  It’s all too easy for a guest to walk outside of a hotel, and ask themselves, “now, where is that restaurant again?”

By mixing both in-person concierge offerings with guest-facing mobile apps, hoteliers can provide comprehensive services that make travelers feel they are staying at The Carlyle – without investing in highly paid guest ambassadors.