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We recently ran a blog post about how hoteliers are developing loyalty programs “on steroids.”

Much of this is being driven by guests who are demanding rewards for items such as free music downloads and enhanced partner opportunities like concert tickets and off-premise restaurant gift certificates. Brands like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and Marriott are leading the way with some innovative loyalty programs.

The ability to be able to quickly ramp up new and unique offerings is paramount for other hoteliers that want to follow suit.

But how can this be done?

Thankfully, this can be done very easily efficiently. By taking an open API approach on the back-end, it is possible to enable “a points functionality” by simply pressing a button to automatically make the offer go live.

This functionality is a part of new Frictionless Guest Experience™ systems that allows hoteliers to offer a high level of personalization, at all times. From booking to checkout and beyond, guests will be fully satisfied throughout the entire lifecycle, which is the premise behind keeping the guest experience completely frictionless.

In addition, these types of systems offer online guest and administrative portals. The latter allows hotel brands to configure all of the information they wish to present to guests. This can include rewards and offers negotiated with off-property partners, and the like. Within the guest-facing portal, it is possible to promote these loyalty offerings in highly dynamic ways.

Essentially, it is possible for any hotel brand to develop next-generation loyalty programs that are highly creative and dynamic – which, of course, translates into new revenue opportunities.

If you are a hotel brand looking to develop the right systems for enhancing the guest experience, feel free to contact us at NetLink Resource Group here.