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Can Hotel Brands Be Like Facebook and Amazon?

One of the core strengths of Facebook and Amazon is that they are continually connected with the customer. The ability to interface with customers on a highly frequent basis is a model that many other industries, such as hospitality, want to emulate. During a CEO...

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Guest Customization is King for Luxury Travel in 2018

As a more robust travel economy has taken hold over the past several years, the luxury sector has been leading the way with guest personalization and empowering hotel employees to provide the best service possible. According to a recent Skift article, luxury hotels...

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How to Best Measure Hotel Guest Loyalty

For the past several years, the term ‘loyalty’ has risen to become a major industry buzzword in the hotel arena. As a result, many hoteliers have launched customized loyalty programs, and implemented new innovations to attract and retain guests. This is especially...

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An Emerging Digital Divide in the Hospitality Arena?

For the past several years, many major hotel brands have been focusing much of their PR efforts on showcasing the latest innovations – from smart guest rooms that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to robotic butlers and beyond. Several brands have also been...

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Hotel Loyalty Programs and Brand Ambassadors

While there have been many hotel industry articles about how to turn guests into “brand ambassadors,” large hospitality providers may want to consider ways to ensure that all staff also play this vital role. In other words, to transform guests into loyal advocates,...

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