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While many hoteliers strive to offer truly authentic guest experiences, they tend to make the technology elements the driving force. Of course, technology can play a key role in providing enhanced guest services but, there’s much more to authenticity than innovation.

For example, for independent hoteliers, the key to truly providing authenticity comes down to the property’s General Manager (GM). The person in this role needs to consider expanding relationships with virtually every restaurant and attraction in the vicinity of the property.

By establishing these relationships, it is possible for GMs to develop co-opted offers that are specialized and can meet the needs of any guest. This coupled with the right innovation can help anticipate guests’ needs before during and after their stays, and help advance authentic experiences.

In addition, when it comes to larger brands with more resources, it is possible to hire a Local Experience Manager. This person plays a similar role as the GM at independent hotels – where they create the relationships and the platform for special offers throughout the region of their properties.

The combination of the Local Experience Manager, and a highly engaged GM, will help larger brands to provide the differentiated services that are required for achieving long-term guest loyalty.

Clearly, this is no small challenge. While most travelers want authentic experiences, they also enjoy predictability in their stays. This puts more of an onus on the brands to deliver the right experiences— it all comes down to GMs who are motivated and understand the true mission of authenticity.