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There’s been a wide-range of articles highlighting the desire to design hotels that attract locals, as well as capture the attention of multiple generations. However, to do this, there is an enormous need to develop stronger websites for individual properties.

The challenge is that individual properties often have to conform to the web standards of the parent company brands. Unfortunately, this limits the ability to provide specialized information and offers to attract locals, new travelers and those from varying age groups.

However, there are new guest personalization mobile apps and web pages that can actually serve as the property’s own website – without breaking any branding policies. These solutions are originally aimed at providing personalized information about on- and off-property events and attractions.

But, they can be much more …

First of all, they are very easy to implement and use, and do not require massive IT budgets or build outs. They are essentially plug-and-play, and provide the right information to allow guests – and even locals – to have the insights they need to become loyal to an individual property.

In addition, these types of solutions allow the guests to completely disconnect by attending an event or an attraction that takes them away from the day-to-day use of technology, whether on- or off-property.

While many properties deal with the challenge of adhering to brand standards with their individual websites, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. With the right guest personalization app and web page, it is possible to achieve the mission of making your property a destination for everyone.