NetLink believes that organizations gain competitive advantages by providing unique offerings to the markets they serve, thereby avoiding the commoditization of their services and reaping rewards in the marketplace through differentiation. Similarly, unique business processes and access to information within an organization are essential for establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. It is critical that these processes and systems constantly evolve, improve, and become more sophisticated for an organization to maintain and increase its differentiation in the marketplace.

Information technology is a major enabler for allowing firms to gain competitive advantages with their business processes and use of information. While the implementation of technology to increase ROI for existing business models is a worthy goal, successful organizations realize that technological solutions which provide knowledge workers with insight into information can more importantly facilitate the improvement of internal processes, identify market opportunities, and help widen the gap that differentiates a firm from its competitors.

The use of common off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions to automate basic business processes may be viable in certain situations. However, a firm will only gain true advantages in the marketplace if it embraces the use of custom technologies to support the functions that allow it to differentiate itself from its competitors. COTS software does not provide this potential for an organization–it converges toward being a non-differentiating commodity that will not greatly establish a firm’s competitive advantage.

NetLink believes that the only way an organization can gain a dominant technological advantage over its competitors is by developing custom solutions for its unique and complex needs. In addition, the use of web application technologies provides great capabilities for the distributed nature of most organizations. Our firm was founded and continues to exist on the core philosophy that custom web solutions provide immense opportunities for our clients.