Steve Short

As we embark on the second decade of the new millennium, I am reminded of how far the Internet has matured since NetLink was founded in 1996. Websites and web applications that were once considered cutting-edge have become essential for companies and government organizations to grow and be more effective. We have always believed in the promise of web solutions to allow organizations to excel and that view has been validated as the Internet has developed.

While the Internet will continue to evolve in unforeseen ways, one thing remains true: organizations need to gain competitive advantage by providing unique offerings to the markets they serve, thereby differentiating themselves from their peers. To achieve this, they must embrace the power of custom web solutions. Doing so allows organizations to improve many things, such as their interaction with customers, complex internal business processes, and access to information for management decision making. And while some turnkey web options may partially address needs, custom solutions are usually required to fully meet complex goals.

At NetLink Resource Group, we partner with organizations that require us to fully understand their often complex needs and provide business-centric solutions. This can only be achieved through interacting closely with our clients to ensure that their goals are aligned with the appropriate technology. Since our inception, we have grown by embracing web solutions and following an unwavering commitment to serve our clients. As we approach the future, we remain as committed as ever to the potential of web solutions to enable our partners to prosper.

NetLink Resource Group has been delivering the promise of web solutions since 1996. We hope you will consider joining the many clients who partner with us so we can help your organization succeed.


Steve Short
NetLink Resource Group